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Welcome to Learn and Technical Analysis. To earn in stock market, Forex Knowledge is required. Not only theoretic knowledge, but a lot of live market knowledge is required. Here I will assure to give free stock tips and ideas based on my study and also techniques on how to trade in Stock Market and Forex. I am a trader since 2010 but I was just a Speculative Trader. I was trading on Support and Resistance but that is not enough to end with profit. At the end of month profits blown up and turns to Loss. In May 2016, I suffered a huge loss in in L&T which took almost all my capital.
But I never gave up. I learned a lot of things from Books but that is not enough because right action is require what we learn from Book. I learned technical analysis and got a clear picture of what is really a market and how to earn from this Market consistantly. I did a lot of research on measured move and now i am successfully generating My own Call #Stay Tuned # With Learn Technical Analysis # Group # Happy to Help in Learning


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